Napo & You – Your NEC

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Napo & You – Your NEC

Napo, like all trade unions is only as strong as its members. Therefore, it is important that we encourage as many members as possible to get involved in the structures of Napo. This way you can help shape and influence the future direction of our union. Because what we do as a union is ultimately decided by you. You are the decision makers!

Napo is a member led union. Our Annual General Meeting is the supreme policy making body and unlike other unions, all members are entitled to attend, and discuss the current issues facing the union. It is our members who form our policy. But there are other ways you can get involved in shaping Napo between AGMs.

Each week we will cover a particular aspect of the work of Napo’s committees. This week, we will start with Napo’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

What Does the NEC Do?

Napo’s NEC implements AGM policy and oversees the work of the union. It also has the power to make policy between AGMs . It has responsibility for Napo’s financial affairs and matters relating to the employment of Napo Staff.
Who makes up the NEC?

Being an NEC rep has enabled me to gain a greater understanding of the work Napo does on behalf of its members. I have found the experience challenging and rewarding and have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an NEC rep helping to shape Napo’s future. Siobhan Foreman, NEC Rep Northumbria

The NEC itself comprises of two elected co-representatives for each probation branch and the Family Court Section (to ensure that we achieve a gender balance on the NEC at least one of the reps has to be a woman). The two co-representatives have 1 vote for every 50 members in their branch. In addition there are two NEC Black Reps and the Officers Group made up of the Chair and Vice Chairs of Napo who have 1 vote each.

My introduction to the NEC started as an observer and monitor which helped me understand how the NEC fits into the structure of the union. From there I was elected as a black rep and this gave me the confidence to expand the role into its current format of National Black Rep.  Within this role I was able to develop my skills as I found my voice which enabled me to challenge and critique Napo policy as well as influence decisions.

I have been able to use my experience of being a part of the NEC to improve my professional work.  Being a part of the NEC can be frustrating and demanding but as I consider my contributions were valued and at times acted on, I consider it was a worthwhile experience and one I can recommend. Maureen Vernon, NEC Black Rep

How do you get onto the NEC?

To become an NEC rep you must be elected by your branch colleagues. To be eligible for election you must be a ‘full’ member of the branch for which you are seeking election. You also need to secure the endorsement of a proposer and a seconder, both of whom must also be full members of the same branch as the candidate for nomination. We have currently opened up nominations for the period of Office 2018 -20. You can access the papers here.

Who runs the election process?

To make sure that we are compliant with the law. The NEC election process is coordinated by Napo Head Office. We also are required to appoint and Independent scrutineer to conduct the actual election.

Is there a term limit on how long you can be an NEC rep?

Yes. The term for an NEC rep is two years. An NEC rep can only serve a maximum of two consecutive terms (4 Years).
Where do I get further information?

You can further information about this role by contacting Ranjit Singh at

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