Napo’s Commitment to Fighting Racism

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Napo Saddened by the passing of Sue Hall

Napo’s Commitment to Fighting Racism

At last week’s meeting of the NEC we reflected on recent events that have sparked a wave of protests across the world.

The killing in the USA of George Floyd, yet another person targeted as a result of institutional and structural racism, horrified us all and sparked a worldwide outpouring of long suppressed anger and outrage. As Trade Unionists we stand with all who protest and campaign against racism.

To show our solidarity NEC held a silent protest to memorialise George Floyd, whose killing moved people across the globe to protest under the Black Lives Matter banner, and to reinforce our commitment to fighting racism.

This commitment means that we will continue to work to ensure that the employers acknowledge and take steps to address the heightened risks to BAME staff from Covid-19 to protect their health and safety and prevent further avoidable deaths due to institutional and structural racism.

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