“Not Part Of the Job” Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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“Not Part Of the Job” Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The Equality Act 2010 is supposed to protect all workers from sexual harassment. However, the TUC have published alarming figures of sexual harassment experienced by women and LGBT+ workers proving current laws are ineffective.

Because the onus is on the victim to raise a complaint, many suffer in silence or ultimately leave their job rather than confront their harasser.

Moreover, 25% of LGBT+ victims did not speak up because it would mean outing themselves, creating more problems for them in hostile and homophobic workplaces.

Napo backs the TUC’s #thisisnotworking campaign which seeks to shift the burden from the victim to the employer by calling on government to:

  • Introduce a new legal duty to prevent harassment
  • introduce a statutory code of practice on sexual harassment and harassment at work
  • strengthen legislation to tackle third-party harassment

The campaign also advocates a return to Third Party Harassment provisions that meant employers also have a duty to protect staff from customers, service users and contractors etc as well as other employees.

Please show your support for this campaign by signing the petition


Ranjit Singh
Napo National Official

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