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Inside this issue:
• The changing nature of pre-sentence reports in the context of the push for “speedier justice”
• Restorative justice with women
• The environment of Approved Premises
• The Lammy Review on race and bias in the criminal justice system.

Probation Journal was established in 1929 and provides a national and international forum for sharing good practice, disseminating criminal justice research and developing debate about the theory and practice of work with offenders. The journal features the most recent research and current issues and debates both in probation and across the wider criminal justice system.

We regularly include “Practitioner Responses” to the issues raised by articles published in the journal. These responses provide a unique forum for exploring the links between research and practice. Our most recent practitioner response to an article on “The Value of Bearing Witness to Desistance”, explores how experiences of trauma can impact on practice.

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Nicola Carr
Editor Probation Journal.

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