Reunite the probation service – EDM 1449

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Reunite the probation service – EDM 1449

Liz Saville Roberts

Members of the Justice Unions Parliamentary Group are calling for a total rethink of the way the probation service is run, following the highly critical findings of the Justice Committee Inquiry into the operation of TR.

JUFPG Chair, Liz Saville Roberts MP, has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM 1449) asking the government to “consult with staff unions … on how to bring the whole probation service back into the public sector”.

Last week, Bob Neill, Chair of the JSC, described the current system in probation as a “mess” and said he was “unconvinced that TR will ever deliver the kind of probation service we need.”

The JSC inquiry found:

  • That splitting of the service under TR had “complicated the delivery of probation services and created a ‘two-tier’ system”;
  • That “the voluntary sector is less involved in probation than they were before the TR reforms were implemented”; and
  • That “staff morale is at an ‘all-time low’ and staff have high caseloads, in some instances they are handling cases for which they do not have adequate training, and they feel de-professionalised”.

It concluded: “we recommend that the Ministry of Justice initiate a review into the long-term future and sustainability of delivering probation services under the models introduced by the TR reforms, including how performance under the TR system might compare to an alternative system for delivering probation”.

EDM 1449, which was tabled on Monday this week already has the support of 16 MPs. EDMs are used to draw attention to specific events or campaigns and can be used to demonstrate the level of parliamentary support for a particular cause or point of view. Napo is asking members to contact their own MP, to draw their attention both to the JSC report and to the EDM, asking them to add their signature.

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Check if your MP has signed EDM 1449

Read a full summary of the JSC report here


  1. Hostel’s need to be given back to probation.It is a sham that is going on at moment,night wakers have to go on sia course which is a doorman’s licence, what has that got to do with night waking? Sodexo say its MoJ order,if that is the case then every night waker in probation should be on the course as well. What has a doorman’s licence got to do with the job I have been doing for 15yrs, why have I got to do it when im under tuped protection.

    (This comment has been edited in the interests of anonymity).

    • Napo Union says:

      Yvonne Pattison, National Co-Chair, says

      The sia licence is for Sodexo and OCS staff and we understand that ex-NPS staff will not need to complete it. The need for the sia will change, but it’s been left in place due to staff not being vetted as yet and at least it offers some minimal checks/protections. If it is being communicated that existing staff need to complete the training we need details so that we can take it up. Perhaps the author of this comment would like to conact me direct and in confidence at or telephone the Napo Office 020 7223 4887 for my mobile number.

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