SEETEC Pay Deal – Napo negotiators raise the stakes

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Formal notice of Napo Annual General Meeting 2020

SEETEC Pay Deal – Napo negotiators raise the stakes

Last week, members of the three Probation Unions voted to accept a significantly important pay offer from Seetec, the owner of the Kent Surrey and Sussex CRC which incorporates the former CRC areas of Wales, Bristol, Gloucester, Somerset and Wiltshire, and Devon Dorset and Cornwall.

The pay deal represents a major breakthrough in Napo’s campaign to see parity of pay between our members working in the NPS and those employed by a CRC.

The offer that was accepted by members sees the realignment of all salary bands to the 2019 NPS Pay Banding. Where this results in less than a 3% increase for an employee, Seetec will apply an unconsolidated payment for the percentage differential. The resulting pay increases will be included in the April pay run. Acceptance of this offer brings an end to the current pay dispute.

Significance of the deal

This move by SEETEC is a clear statement of intent about their future aspirations in terms of securing new Probation Provider contracts with the MoJ from June next year. Napo National Officials and our local reps from the above areas are commended for the way in which they engaged with Seetec and for presenting powerful arguments about the need to invest in staff if this employer wishes to stand any chance of securing new contractual arrangements going forward.

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