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The December issue of Napo Magazine saw the launch of our Tag series. The idea came out of a workshop on creative writing run by Jeremy Cameron at the 2019 AGM. Jeremy kicked the story off with an opening chapter and Ruth Storey (winner of the creative writing competition at the workshop) has contributed chapter 2.

Volunteers are sought for chapter 3 – to appear in the April issue. If you are interested in joining the Tag Team just drop an email to and we will schedule you in. There is a £25 Love2Shop voucher waiting for successful contributors.

Tag – Chapter 2,  by Ruth Storey

I walked out the office and made my way to a bank of bikes that Guv, sorry, Sis, had directed me to.
“Take any” she had said. “You’ll have no excuse about not being able to get to your appointments, sorry, befriending sessions, if you have a bike, so take any one you want”.

I’ll be honest, they were all shite, but Guv, sorry, Sis, had explained they were all found in skips as there was no actual money in the budget to provide bikes for all the clients, despite instructions from “on high” to do so.

“Advising, assisting, and befriending in a brave new world” she had said, looking utterly pissed off.
I picked a Raleigh Banana and set off to find the nearest Greggs to nick a cake for the next session.

I didn’t know how I was going to get on in Guv, sorry, Sis’s “brave new world” and to be honest, she didn’t look that convinced either. But, I’d promised my old mum that I would try this time and, as I set off to my new probation flat on my Raleigh Banana with a four pack of lifted doughnuts under my arm, I felt a confidence I never had before.

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