POA rally against violence, privatisation and “cruel” retirement age

Hundreds of Prison Officers marched through Westminster on Wednesday (20th March) demanding action against soaring levels of violence, an end to private prisons, and a fair […]

Buyer found for Holloway Prison

It was announced today that Holloway Prison has been sold to a housing developer in an £81.5m deal. The site is expected to provide 1,000 homes […]

Implementing OMiC in the NPS North East – ‘it’s good to talk’

The Offender Management in Custody (OMiC) model is another significant change for the NPS staff – particularly for our probation officers. I am the Implementation Manager […]

Napo General Secretary, Ian Lawrence, took warm greetings from Napo members working within the whole CJS to the Prison Governors Association Conference this week. Addressing the […]

Quick questions with: The Clink’s CEO Chris Moore

How and why did The Clink come into existence? Today’s challenge is that there are 86,413 adults in prison in England & Wales (82,403 men and […]

Offender Management in Custody – Napo’s view

Napo has published a briefing for members setting out the union’s view on Offender Management in Custody (OMIC). Napo members understandably many questions about the model […]

Women in the Penal System – new inquiry launched

The Parliamentary Group on Women in the Penal System, chaired by Baroness Jean Corston and Victoria Prentis MP, has recently launched a new Inquiry into the […]

Caught in a revolving door

When Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) was launched, its proponents heralded it as a justice revolution. What has borne out instead is an initiative riddled with problems; including […]

Strategy called for on treatment of women in prison

The Guardian recently published a welcome article on women in the prison estate. Entitled UK penal system designed by men for men, it focusses on the […]