Taking forward the work of the TUC’s Anti-Racism Taskforce

Now is the time for action!
What does it mean to be National Black Rep?

Taking forward the work of the TUC’s Anti-Racism Taskforce

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the structural racism and deep racial inequality within society and the economy. Black workers and communities have suffered disproportionately during the pandemic – with Black workers more likely to be key workers, more likely to contract the virus and more likely to die, or to lose their jobs and livelihoods. For too many Black workers, low pay, insecure employment and discrimination at work are the norm.

Securing the recovery from the pandemic means that we can’t allow these inequalities to stand unchallenged. Our trade unions are determined to take the concerted action needed to eradicate the racism, [LH1] discrimination and disadvantage that continue to deny many Black workers the opportunity to secure and progress in decent jobs.

The TUC Anti-Racism Task Force

The TUC’s Anti Racism Task Force (ARTF) is addressing these[KB2]  issues head on, not only identifying the issues facing Black workers but also taking decisive action, with TUC affiliates, to address them. It is our aim to use our trade union leverage to press for change across UK workplaces and to lead by example by demonstrating our capacity as a movement to demonstrate the means to secure racial justice at work.

Our trade unions are working to confront institutional racism and discrimination at work. The Task Force has set about shining a light on racial injustice in the world of work and focused on organising, bargaining and campaigning to secure real change.

The ARTF is building on analysis of labour market developments and feedback from Black workers and trade union members, to strengthen the capacity of our trade union affiliates in our ongoing work to fight racism at work.

We will be working to turn research and evidence into action and real change.

  • Putting race on the agenda will be our priority. We will be working to bring unions and employers together to work for change that will make workplaces safer, inclusive and fairer. And, we will be harnessing and building on the tools and strategies that our unions have already demonstrated are most effective in winning progress on racial justice in the workplace.
  • Diversity is our strength and we will be working to renew our unions, building and strengthening the cadre of Black union leaders and activists through a new TUC-led programme to train 1000 black activists, working together with our affiliates across sectors and regions.
  • We will be calling out the Government on its commitment to racial justice. Building on our movement’s call for an independent public inquiry into the government handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will also be giving voice to the experiences of Black workers during the pandemic, and demanding that lessons are learned. And, we will be putting forward an agenda that will deliver protections for Black workers, including calling for stronger regulation, strengthening the protections under the Equality Act 2010, mandatory race pay gap reporting, action to stop the use of fire and rehire practices, and legislation to ban the use of zero hours contracts
  • We are inviting all of our unions to not only talk the talk but also to demonstrate our capacity to lead by example, putting racial justice front and centre of our work as trade union employers.  The ARTF will be supporting unions to drive the change to build inclusive and safe working environments for trade union employees.

Casualisation, privatisation and the emergence of a multi-tier workforce has hit Black workers particularly hard. Whether it is insecure contracts, unsocial shift systems, outsourcing or subcontracting, discrimination and segregation along race lines is all too often evident. Overcoming these inequalities through union organising, bargaining and campaign strategies must be a priority to ensure that every worker is treated with dignity and gets the New Deal we all deserve.

The pandemic and a hostile government agenda has deepened racial inequality and strengthened structural racism. The ARTF as leaders of the trade union movement will step up, alongside the wider antiracist movement, and deliver tangible actions that will make a positive difference for Black workers.



don’t we do this in the paragrpahs below? Or do you want to hvae one backwards looking adn one forwards looking bit?  [KB2]

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