The big questions about “Strengthening Probation”

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Napo registers a trade dispute on ViSOR vetting shambles

The big questions about “Strengthening Probation”

It is easy to be sceptical about how serious the Government are taking their 8 week holiday homework project, aka the “Strengthening Probation, Building Confidence” consultation. However, Napo will not abdicate our responsibilities as the voice of the probation profession and will respond fully and comprehensively during the consultation period – and we’ll continue to influence the debates and discussions beyond 21st September.

As part of this, we are producing a series of in depth briefings and question papers looking at the other big questions prompted by the paper, even if they’re not specifically mentioned in the consultation…the questions the Government are less keen to see asked.  Briefing #2 looks at the money and the financial questions around the proposed new CRC contracts.


Briefing #1 – The Disastrous TR Model

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