The CSPA: looking after the interests of retired civil servants

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The CSPA: looking after the interests of retired civil servants

Are you a Napo member who has invested a lot of time campaigning on behalf of work related issues, but are nearing the end of your career and are wondering how you can continue your activism?

Perhaps you have never really campaigned in the past, but you are interested in how to fill your free time and make a difference during your retirement.

The Civil Service Pensioners Alliance needs people just like you at a local and national level to help press the government on important policy changes that will affect you and those around you in later life.

The Alliance was founded in the 50s with its main concern being to protect civil service and public sector pensions that have been devalued over the years. But the CSPA’s remit doesn’t stop there.

The welfare and wellbeing of all pensioners, in all areas of their lives is something the Alliance campaigns tireless for alongside other organisations with the same aims.

A unified voice

In 2015, the CSPA teamed up with the National Association of Retired Police Officers and the National Federation of Pensions to form the umbrella body Later Life Ambitions (LLA), with a combined membership of 250,000. It would be hard for MPs or the government to ignore a quarter of a million voices, all unified in their desire to achieve a better deal in older age.

LLA and its strong membership base campaign for:

  • A state pension that is above the poverty line with a triple lock mechanism  using the best increase in either inflation, earnings or an underpinning minimum of 2.5%. All existing pensioners to be transferred into the new single tier state pension without being penalised.
  • A social care system with cross-party support, paid for out of taxation and ring-fenced.
  • Closer links between health and social care services to relieve pressure on the NHS.
  • Adequate provision of housing suitable for older people.
  • Protect Universal Pensioner Benefits including the winter fuel payment.
  • A national travel pass that can be used on all forms of public transport across mainland UK.
  • Clarity on how Brexit will affect pensioners at home and those living in EU member states.

LLA already includes people belonging to Police, Royal Mail, Post Office, British Telecom and British Steel pension schemes and CSPA has extended the invitation to Napo members.

Additional Benefits

The CSPA is not just about campaigning; there are also benefits too. Just like Napo, it has an extensive membership package with offers including cashback discounts and legal advice, but what sets it apart is its exclusive travel insurance scheme that does not charge people with pre-existing health conditions who are fit to travel over the odds.

In 2017, Napo’s AGM carried a resolution calling for Napo’s formal affiliation to the CSPA to assist in addressing the issue of discrimination against older people. Joining the CSPA is one way of ensuring that goal can be progressed.

CSPA membership costs £24.00 per annum for single membership or £33.60 for joint membership. As a special offer, Napo Retired Members, are being offered free membership of the CSPA for the first six months. Further information about joining can be obtained from the CSPA as follows:

Mike Duggan, General Secretary, CSPA Head Office, Grosvenor House, 125 High Street, CROYDON, CR0 9XP

Tel: 020 8688 8418    Email:   Web:


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  1. David Cix says:

    Re the CPSA article I am wondering if this applies to all Napo pensioners. Only those who retire as NPS employees will be retired Cuvil Servants. Those retiring from CRC’s will not be retired Cuvil Servants. Perhaps this could be clarified?

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