The toxic legacy of TR – Napo Consultation Blog #3

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The toxic legacy of TR – Napo Consultation Blog #3

We are now half way through the Government’s consultation timetable on “TR2”, aka the “Strengthening Probation, Building Confidence” consultation. Napo has submitted  a formal response to the questions it asks. However, the timescale and the leading nature of the questions presented by Gauke and Co, suggest this isn’t a genuine listening exercise. In a series of papers, Napo AGS, Dean Rogers, is looking at the big problems thrown up by Grayling’s failed Revolution and asking some of the questions Gauke and Co are missing.

Having recognised that a key failing in TR was how rushed and ill-planned it was, Napo’s alarmed that the scale and complexity of putting things right is being under-estimated. As the voice of the probation profession, Napo will not allow these questions to go un-asked or allow Ministers to force through further irresponsible change unchallenged – during the consultation period and beyond it.

Briefing #1 set out the case for reunification of local probation services and the need to factor in pay reform to financial planning, which has been amplified by the now on-going pay reform negotiations. Briefing #2 asked:

  • if the MoJ could be trusted to manage contracts given their track record;
  • if the consultation is a smoke screen to hide how much more current CRC owners will be given to square off the existing shambolic contracts;
  • if anyone has ever costed the NPS; and
  • if Government or parliament have any idea how much effective service delivery costs before they begin negotiations for new contracts.

Briefing # 3 asks specifically where responsibility for provision and staff will eventually rest and links deciding upon this to the catastrophic toxic legacies embedded into the probation system by the failed TR contracts.


All 3 Briefings are on the Napo website


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