TUC campaign – sick pay for all!

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TUC campaign – sick pay for all!

It shouldn’t take a pandemic to resolve the inequality of sick pay. But, the TUC says, the threat of coronavirus shows why sick pay should be a day one right for everybody.

The arrival of Coronavirus in the UK has exposed the inequality  of  sick pay in this country. Right now, almost 2 million working people don’t earn enough to qualify for statutory sick pay. This includes 1 in 10 women in work and almost 300,000 people on zero-hours contracts.

And at just £94.25 a week, many of those who do qualify will still struggle to make ends meet.

No one should worry about making ends meet at a time like this.

That’s why the TUC has been campaigning for everyone to get sick pay from day one, no matter what they earn.

The TUC is calling for the government to introduce emergency legislation that:

  • Gives every worker the right to statutory sick pay from the first day of absence
  • Scraps the minimum earnings threshold for statutory sick pay
  • Ensures that sick pay is paid to workers having to self-isolate
  • Increase the weekly level of sick pay
  • Provide funds to ensure employers can afford  to  pay sick pay, and provide additional support to those who miss out

Napo is supporting this campaign. More information in coming weeks or at the TUC website

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