Twas the night before

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Twas the night before

Twas the night before recess when, all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

The order papers were hung by the speaker with care,

In the hope that Chris Grayling would soon be there.

The MPs were all nestled all smug in their seats,

With visions of apologies and other such treats.

And we in the gallery and watching on TV clapped,

In the hope of seeing TR once and for all zapped.

When out on the terrace there arose such a clatter,

They all sprang from the chamber to see what was the matter.

When what to their wandering eyes should appear,

But a miniature train and 8 tiny ferries …

… With the CRC drivers so firm and so quick,

Saying “it’s all Grayling’s fault, don’t put us all in the nick”.

More rapid than how the contracts were written,

They whistled and shouted and called him rude names.

Then along came the Justice Secretary who, without shame,

Made it clear that reunification was the new game.

He pointed to his predecessor tarnished in soot

And said, without apology, “time to reboot!”

But the eyes of us workers twinkled at news so merry,

Probation is no longer a privateer’s cherry

And Napo’s general secretary told members “stay strong”

We’ll get it ALL back – our aim all along.

With renewed confidence in a Service with a vison,

We’ll work make the most on the MoJ decision

We don’t shrink from the challenge to get Probation back on track

And we’ll be pleased even more to see Grayling get the sack.

Keith Stokeld

National Vice Chair Finance

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