Vigil for Justice

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Vigil for Justice

Napo members joined lawyers and other justice sector stakeholders at a protest outside the MOJ on 18 April. The aim of the demonstration was to highlight the disastrous impact of cuts, privatisation and other government policies on the justice system – on those who are caught up in it, those who work in it and those you seek justice from it.

Napo GS, Ian Lawrence, told the crowd that probation was privatised because “the most disastrous Secretary of State in the history of this nation decided to divide the service in two”. The whole “social experiment” had been dreadful for staff, morale was at an all-time low and the service had been de-professionalised to an unparalleled degree.

Napo produced a short video, which was tweeted out as part of the protest, with the message “only a public probation service can deliver the services that clients and the community deserve”.

Time4Justice: Probation Privatised from Jason N.Parkinson on Vimeo.


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