Watch the TUC Congress live

Napo AGM taking shape
GFTU celebrates 120 years with best education programme ever

Watch the TUC Congress live

The week long TUC congress kicks off on sunday with general secretary, Ian Lawrence and co-chair, Yvonne Pattison amongst the Napo delegation attending the week long conference in Manchester.

Attendees will help decide the TUC’s priorities for the coming year and what the TUC can do to progress them.

Napo has proposed two motions this year which we hope will receive backing from the wider trade union movement. Motion 66 seeks to garner support in raising awareness about the current crisis in the family courts system. Napo will also be asking for the movement to back its efforts in calling for a “Transforming Rehabilitation counter-revolution” via motion 67. Both motions are scheduled to be debated on Wednesday.

The TUC is celebrating its 150th year and this year’s congress will form a special part of the celebrations.

You will be able to watch the action live here once it get’s into full swing here.



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